Welcome to the PharmQuests website, the right address for your Private Label.

PharmQuests is an enterprise specialised in research, development and production of nutritional supplements and cosmetic products under the HACCP norm.


Our own DTP-team is ready to design your own products or to enhance your existing ones.

Technique and Science

When it comes to technique, science and skilled personnel, PharmQuests finds itself in the higher echelons of world-renowned companies, but we are still small-scale and independent.


Your Company Secrets are with us like they are in Fort Knox. We spell Trust with a big “T” and we are always on the lookout for you!


Our Service

We keep you posted when it comes to changes in rules and regulations but also inform you of new developments in the market. We are entrepreneurial, pro-active and we invest in sustainability. We grow together with you and you grow together with us!

The set-up of a supplement or cosmetics product line is not an easy task. A lot of specific knowledge is needed for the formulation of the supplements, but also knowledge about legislation of labelling and HACCP, is key. The co-workers of PharmQuests have experience of many years in this industry and are fully aware of new and even future developments.

The big advantage of Private Labels is that your business will even get closer connected with your clients. Your house brand, for instance, will never be for sale at your competitor!

In mutual consultation the possibilities are endless when it comes to made-to-measure products and packaging! Together with our developers you will be able to evolve a variety of products completely to your satisfaction. Of course these products will be only available to you and they will not be offered to other requestors or clients.

High standard quality

An honest and correct price

Flexible and efficient

Big and vast portfolio

of food supplements and cosmetics.

Broad knowledge

of marketing, science and legislation.


small and big batches.



In nearly all compositions we can offer you:
Tablets, Capsules (including vegetarian), Gels, Cremes, Massage Oils, Sprays, Powders,
Disinfectant spray, Hand sanitizer, Vitamin supplements.

Please enquire for our possibilties without any obligation!

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Where to find us


Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, comments or messages.